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Advantages of Sprayed Foam 


Seamless No matter if your roof is 100 square feet or over 100,000 square feet, your roof will not have a single seam to leak on you in the future.
Energy Efficient Our super reflective white roofs can save you a substantial amount of money on your utility bills.  Thus our roofs work for you by paying for themselves. 
Fully-adhered Since foam goes on as a liquid and then rises, the adhesion to the surface is exceptional.  (I have the shoes to prove it.)  Many roofs today utilize screwed down insulating board.  Screws just cannot compare to 100% adhesion.
Insulating Sprayed foam has the highest R-value of any roof insulating material at approximately R-6 per inch.
Self-flashing No flashing details around walls and penetrations to leak.
Sustainable Our roofs do not require expensive tear-offs down the road.  To sustain our roofs, we only need to clean the roof and renew the white top coat.
Flexible Moves with the building; over 300 % elongation
Breathes All buildings have moisture that must go somewhere.  Sprayed foam with Conklin coatings allow moisture vapor to escape.  Single-ply membranes trap moisture.  Not even all roof coatings breath.
Quick All components of the system are spray applied.  This takes less time and labor, keeping costs down. 
Versatile Foam can be applied to just about any surface.  Foam can fill in voids and create a monolithic system across varying surfaces.  Foam can also be sprayed on a vertical surface.
Lightweight Foam with coatings only weighs about 8 ounces per square foot. 
Structural Increases the section modulus of the existing roof making it much stronger.
Closed-cell Even if damaged, water will not migrate through the foam.
Easily maintained Since the system has no seams, is self-flashing and closed cell, we have eliminated 90 % of the causes of leaks. Most repairs only take minutes to make.
Relieves Ponding Foam can be sprayed in ponded areas to build them up level with the original roof surface prior to application of the foam to the entire roof.
No Tear Off Saves landfill costs, labor and liability.  No tear off is required on most re-roofing applications. 
Approved Conklin's premiere roof system has all the credentials:  Energy Star, Factory Mutual (FM 4470), UL 790 Class A, ICBO, Dade County FL. 




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