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Sprayed Foam for Metal Roofs


Sprayed Foam Roof System
  • Stops Leaks
  • Saves Energy
  • Adds Insulation



Sprayed Foam on Metal Roof Steps

Pressure Wash Slow detailed pressure washing with minimum 3000 psi is very important for good adhesion.

If the metal roof is rusted, then a rust neutralizer will be applied before pressure washing and a primer will be applied after cleaning.


Sprayed foam creates a seamless leak-tight roof while giving an additional insulating value of approx. R-6 per inch.

Base Coat A base coat of acrylic coating is applied to the foam.

White Top Coat

The 85% reflective white top coating provides a cool energy saving roof.



Detail pictures

Sprayed foam is excellent over metal roofs.  It seal all the roof joints, screws, walls and penetrations.




Advantages of Sprayed Foam on Metal Roofs

Insulation Add a approx. R-6 per inch of insulation to your building.  The highest insulating rate of any foam available. 
Energy Efficient The R value of the foam and the reflectivity of the coatings work together as a system to give huge energy savings.  Most buildings in our region will yield a payback due to energy savings in about 5 to 7 years.
Condensation Many metal buildings were built with no insulation. When the outside temperature drops and cools the roof deck to a temperature which is less then the dew point temperature of the air inside the building the moisture condenses out on the bottom of the roof deck and the walls. Spraying foam on the outside will stop the condensation from occurring the same as back fitting insulation under the roof only it is much less expensive and has the advantage of making the roof leak tight and air tight at the same time.
Strength Metal decks which are weakened due to degradation or crimping are made strong again by adding the foam .  Since foam is fully adhered when applied, it increases the section modulus of the roof decking making it stronger.
Non-disruptive Since the insulation is added to the exterior of the building, you do not have to shut your business down and protect its contents from over spray while your building is being insulated
Flexible The foam has 300% elongation and since it is fully adhered, it will move with the roof.  The reflective coating helps by working with the foam as a system to eliminate thermal shock. 
Internal gutters Internal gutters are notorious for overflowing into the building.  Sprayed foam can be used to seal the internal gutters keeping the water out of the building and on the roof where it belongs.



Click Here to view a video about the Foam Roof System





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